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The Radio Station of Choice

PLANET RADIO 101.1FM is a private radio owned and operated by TAF & Associates, Ltd. which was incorporated in Nigeria on December 8th, 1995.

In 2010 TAF & ASSOCIATES LTD was awarded an FM Radio broadcasting service License by National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to own and operate a radio station on an assigned frequency channel of 101.1 MHz in Akwa Ibom State. With this Stride and approval from NBC Planet Radio 101.1 FM was born.
The Company is led by a strong management team and knowledgeable workers with experience in various areas of radio broadcasting, media entertainment etc.

The station is located at Planet Avenue Ibiaku-Uruan with its corporate office at No. 2 TAF Plaza Close, off Aka Etinan Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.



  • Providing credible first-hand information for the General Public.
  • 24 hours entertainment on news, sports, fashion, music, religion etc.
  • To assist our listeners to get the best value for their money by giving them standard advertising rates and best bargains to help show case their businesses and ideas


  • Maximize diversity of programming.
  • Encourage the production of programming which reflects both of these communities.
  • Encourage co-operation, interaction, communication and understanding within and between the government and the people.
  • To produce programmes that are entertaining and informative, with regular reference to, and focuses on, life in the area.
  • The station promotes social cohesion by facilitating dialogue between different sections of the community. It aims to give a voice to the community and provide a means whereby that voice can be heard.
  • We would also facilitate inter-generational dialogue by enabling young and older people to work together on programmes.
    Offer local community groups the opportunity to publicize their activities on the station.



1- The station is aimed at meeting the needs of the general public which includes the children, the youth and Adults.

2- This will be achieved through diverse programs covering family life, politics, education, religion, entertainment etc. The more quality program, the more audience size increase. This is what the marketing department will offer to prospective listeners, company brands and business moguls as a veritable platform for their products/services.

3- The Operational Environment of Planet FM is on assumption that the locals will cooperate with the new station, equipment will not be vandalized and marketing activities will not be disrupted. Also other media outlets both prints and TV stations in the environment will be monitored and scanned to know how they will affect Planet FM’s input (sales people, facilities etc).


The station’s strategy is to achieve name recognition and attract listeners by creating captivating programmes and services. Once Listeners have been acquired, the station will seek to offer them additional services and bonuses which they would not otherwise find.

The station will also implement a low-cost strategy which will be achieved by working to establish and develop agreements with companies to exchange services and exposure for discounted advertising.