Ok, so the president of the United state said chloroquine has been approved for coronavirus treatment and you decided to buy and keep so u and your Family can drink abi? Mtchewww. 

Listen now and hear word oh, what you are doing is called PANIC BUYING, say “panic buying “. But before you stock up on chloroquine, ask yourself this questions: 

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* How many tablets should I take?*  How many times a day*  How many days or how long should I take it?   If you don’t have answers to these questions, then my dear, you have no business stocking up chloroquine. Chloroquine is a drug and when drugs are misused they have side effects.

Chloroquine misuse can cause: drowsiness, headache, slow breathing, slow heart rate, loss of consciousness, confusion, seizures/ convulsions and in severe cases death. Oh yes, drugs can kill too when misused.

It is true that chloroquine showed promise in some patients with the COVID19 infection, but testing is still on, dosage is yet to be determined. Let us not assume that it is the same dosage used for malaria that will be used for coronavirus. Don’t use yourself and your family for experiment. We understand that you are scared and it’s ok to be scared, but it is your duty to ensure your safety, so please DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. 


#DoNotSelfMedicate #COVID-19 #Planet101Fm #RevolvingAroundYou  

Written by Mercy Ubani


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