People Urged to Have a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet as 2024 World Liver Day is Marked Today

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to mark the 2024 world Liver Day, with the theme “Be Vigilant, Get Regular Liver Check-Up, and Prevent Fatty Liver Diseases”, individuals have been urged to have a healthy lifestyle and diet that can boost liver functioning and keep liver diseases at bay.

Speaking with our correspondent, Uwakmfon Walter, in commemoration of the day, a Nigerian registered nurse, Akwaowo Akpan highlighted the common symptoms of Liver disease to be yellowing of the skin and whitening of eyes, called jaundice, belly pain, swelling in the legs and ankles, Itchy skin, Constant tiredness, among others. He also emphasized the causes and factors responsible for the burden of Liver disease to be overdosed intake of chemicals, excessive drugs and alcohol as well as excess fatty food.

The Medical expert also suggested measures individuals should take to reduce the disease, while advising that people should maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy diet, exercise regularly, prevent infected transmitted diseases which could be transmitted sexually, adding that liver patients should take prescribed medications, avoid alcohol intake, among other measures.

Speaking on the 2024 theme, Nurse Akwaowo, further advised that people should try to protect their liver, stressing on the need to consult a physician for medical care if you notice any unusual feeling.

According to reports, about 2 million people die due to liver diseases every year across the world, as the number is expected to shoot up to 35 percent by 2030.

Meanwhile, World Liver Day is marked every year on April 19th to create awareness about the significance of liver functions and prevention measures everyone should take to ensure that the liver is healthy.

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