Sex for grades:Women admonished to name  perpetrators of harassment.

Following the recent media revelations which implicated two renowned lecturers of reputable universities who were found culpable in the trending sex-for-grades saga, women have been admonished to abandon the era of silence and be emboldened to name perpetrators of harassment, by the need to preserve their self-dignity and value.

Speaking with Planet News, the immediate past chairman Nigerian Bar Association – NBA, Uyo branch, Barrister Eno Akpan, said it was the way to go, if culpable individuals are to be put in check.

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Barrister Akpan advocated for renewed sensitizations for women on the need to break the culture of silence.

She also advised that in cases were female students offer themselves to lectures in exchange for grades, as also alleged, the lecturer must take appropriate steps to expose the anomaly, and save himself the impending trouble of being involve in the sex for grades scandal.


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