The Organized Labour Has Again Rejected New Offer of 57,000 naira Minimum Wage

The Organized Labour comprising the Nigeria labour congress (NLC) and the trade union congress (TUC) has again rejected the federal government’s new offer of 57,000 naira minimum wage.

The Organised Labour rejected the government’s fresh offer, the third proposal in about a week when negotiation talks resumed Yesterday.

However, the NLC and the TUC shifted ground from their initial 615,000 naira to 497,000 naira.

Recall that the Organised Labour had pulled out of the negotiation last week, accusing the government and private sector of showing unwillingness to agree on a new minimum wage.

The committee is yet to agree on a new minimum wage just about 10 days before the May 31 deadline the Labour unions gave to the government to conclude the negotiations.

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