UK Members of Parliament reject Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to approve Brexit deal.

British Members of Parliament have rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to approve his Brexit deal by October 31, minutes after giving preliminary approval to the agreement.

MPs voted by a majority of 14 to reject his timetable to push through the legislation this week, making it almost inevitable that Brexit will be delayed beyond next week’s deadline.

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ELSEWHERE – Turkey and Russia have agreed what they called a “historic” deal over military action against Kurds in northern Syria after a marathon diplomatic meeting.

The two powers had both stationed troops on the Turkey-Syria border after US troops withdrew from the area.

Turkey launched an offensive against Syrian Kurdish militias, parts of which it considers a terrorist group. Now, Russia and Turkey will conduct joint patrols on the border, changing the power dynamic in the area.

The new deal came just ahead of the expiry of a ceasefire between Kurdish fighters and Turkish forces which had been brokered by the United States.


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